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Introduction:Flap Discs are created by overlapping coated abrasive flaps and adhering them firmly to a back-up plate. This design provides a cooler runing,longer lasting disc.And because new layers of abrasive are constantly being exposed, a very consistent finish is provided during the life of the disc.These discs are specifically recommended for high stock removal on stainless steel,carboon steel,aluminum,and most alloys. They offer many times the life of conventional resin fiber discs.

Application: be fitted with Polishing machine which are power-driven/pneumatic, suitable for various surface of stainless steel/metal/convex-concave shape/welding line...specially be suitable for grinding and polishing in those industries below: shipbuilding/aviation/large mechanical equipment/furniture, building materialsˇ­


1.Griding like a depressed center grinding disc and finishing like a fiber disc.Blending and finishing all in one operation and will reduce process time, lower total griding costs. 

2.Maximum contact with work surface without loading. 

3.Rapid,aggressive stock removal on a variety of welds,castings and other matal fabrication application. Ideal disc for using on most metals and for wide range of applications such as weld seam removal,surface blending, edge grinding,and weld preparation.

4.Consistent grinding and finishing performance.

5.Excellent performance and efficiencies on stainless and carbon steel applications.

6.Reduce vibration and noise compared to depressed center grinding discs.

7.Suitable for Angle Grinder.


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